As the primary growers, processors and marketers of agricultural products in Africa, women play a vital role in the continent’s economic development. During the past decade, the number of women in agribusiness has soared. But a severe lack of information on trends, opportunities and challenges in agricultural domestic and export markets had stunted the growth of their enterprises.


AWAN-Afrika was established in response to the changes in the global market and opportunities that will be offered by the Africa Continental Free Trade Area(AfCFTA); Zone de Libre Echange Continentale Africaine (ZLECA) with a vision to create a platform for African women and youth in Agribusiness to access market, trade information and get access to finance so as to become significant players in the continent and in global trade.


AWAN-Afrika subscribes to Agenda 2063 particularly the Malabo declaration on Agriculture and Agenda 2030 in developing a people driven, relying on potential of African people especially its women and youth. Globally, we are aligned to the SDGs.


AWAN-Afrika’s secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya and we are present in 37 countries represented by our champions. Our network comprises of individual members’ businesses including producers, processors, aggregators, export companies and input suppliers among others across the continent and globally. The organization provides women-owned and youth-owned agribusinesses with an E-Hub, which is a repository of information on agriculture along value chains and supply chains. AWAN Under 30 champions are the youth of either gender engaged in agribusiness.


In partnership with CTA’s #Value4Her project, we share the first intelligent digital platform on the continent, #Value4Her Connect, that will connect women’s agribusinesses with exporters, investors, Agritech companies and other value chain actors to facilitate inclusive participation in the continental and global market.


In our Value Proposition, we are focusing on knowledge and targeted advocacy, in response to the challenges in the development of agribusiness. AWAN-Afrika provides access to digital technologies and innovations to increase productivity; facilitates access to markets and accelerates women and youth inclusion in the agriculture sector, through a value chain development approach.


Our propositional bet is that the youth are the ones that are going to change the face of agriculture in Africa. They are bringing in new ideas, taking risks and embracing new technologies. AWAN Afrika is bringing a positive wave of change into the agricultural sector in Africa.



Our Pillars:


Economic & Financial Inclusion in agribusiness:

Promote agribusinesses, groups & clubs for networking and adding a voice to women and youth agribusiness owners; lobbying on policy affecting agribusiness; creating strong linkages with financial institutions for providing innovative financing.

Market Access:

We focus on information sharing on existing local and regional markets and beyond. In collaboration with other partners, we organize B2B Trade Fairs, regional buyers and sellers’ market platforms, Market Intelligence, strengthening of local markets through digital M2M and B2C platforms. 

Technology in Agriculture:

In the technology of everything, AWAN-Afrika's digital platform  has a repository for agricultural information and services on mechanization, soil testing, tools for quality control, tracking agri-tech advancement and innovations for the competitiveness of the value chains.

Our Digital platforms gives members access to knowledge on everything trade, such as information on agreements between trading blocs; on standards & certifications. Information sharing on arbitration and contracting regionally & internationally, trading and contract financing, branding & packaging, collaborative purchasing, logistics & supply chains.

 Trade Facilitation:

Through our eHub we provide information on trading in different markets. We offer training content and materials to bridge the knowledge gaps that exist within the various continental trading blocs agreements. With the  new African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), AWAN Afrika is leveraging on an innovative capacity building program to improve efficiency and gender sensitivity in trade on the continent.


These pillars are implemented through partnerships with various development partners, philanthropist foundations, public sector and private companies. This will strengthen the existing network of women and youth in agribusiness, increase information flow within these networks and their markets, supply chains and service providers, including investment and financing partners.



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